Although it is not discussed opening, offices have the worst reputation for cleanliness. In fact, researchers have discovered that desks often have 400 more bacteria than a toilet seat! There are also thousands of microbes living on shared devices like phones, keyboard and computer mice. Ick. Think about how many of your employees eat at their desks or keep items piled up that really should be thrown out.

So, whether your office is large or small, let FDC Solutions provide a superior cleaning experience from the boardroom to the bathroom. With our customized cleaning solutions, you get to decide what gets cleaned, when and how. We put you in the driver’s seat.

Our teams undergo comprehensive training on the industry’s best practices and techniques so that we can offer our customers the very best cleaning experience. When you want to impress your staff and clients, trust us to clean up your mess. Looking for a dazzling and effective experience at a fair price? You want FDC Solutions.

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