Adopting a Guinea Pig

Once you have decided to get a guinea pig, you will be extremely eager to get one. However, before buying a guinea pig from a breeder, or a pet store, there is a very important piece of advice that needs to be taken into account. DO NOT BUY GUINEA PIGS FROM BREEDERS OR PET STORES .

Why is this? Two reasons. The first one is that guinea pig breeders do not always have the animals' interests at heart. They often use female guinea pigs as breeding machines, getting them pregnant multiple times a year to feed demand. Secondly, there are many unwanted guinea pigs around that need someone to love them.

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In relation to the second point, the best place to get a guinea pig is an animal welfare center. There are plenty of them around, and they will usually have guinea pigs. If this is going to be your first guinea pig, then you will need to get two. Guinea pigs are very social animals, and you should NEVER keep then on their own. Having two is essential to their mental state, and wellbeing. It also does not cost that much more to keep an additional one. You will also have a lot more fun with them playing together.

Adopting a guinea pig is not only a cheaper option than buying one, it also gives you the satisfaction that you are helping an animal in need, rather than one being sold for profit. Guinea pigs that are put up for adoption are done so for a variety of reasons. They may have been part of a large group that was left to breed out of control, some are from hoarders, while others are from people who can no longer look after them.

By adopting a guinea pig, you are helping out those in need, while decreasing the demand from the breeders. Remember, always get guinea pigs in twos. You will only ever need to a single one if you are replacing one of your own that has sadly passed away.

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