5. Everything happens for a reason

The unthinkable happened yesterday and my surgery has been cancelled again. I took the brave measure of contacting Carol to let her know where things stood with my cold/bronchitis. She suggested I see a Dr. But as mine is away, I was reluctant to do what I did two weeks ago and see a random Dr, as they only want to sit on the fence with stuff like this.

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Without notice I was transferred to my surgeon who proceeded to tell me that judging by how I sounded there was no way it could happen next week. He explained how much it would impact on my recovery and as it is such a big operation I wish they'd stop saying that, I needed to be 100% fit and healthy.

I explained what this was doing to my headspace, not to mention my family and work etc. He assured me heart patients get very emotional and he understood, but the reality is. Yeah I know, but when you are in my situation rational thinking goes right out the window, and in blows frustration, disappointment and lots of tears.The surgeon suggested that I perhaps push it back 4 or 5 weeks and get totally well and start again. Go and discuss it with those I needed to, have a cup of tea and call back in a couple of hours.

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