A Spectacular Enigma

Hermanus has always been an extremely popular South African holiday resort not merely for South Africans, but for an increasing number of folk from all over the world who visit here and often make it their second home.

Why? Well, because it's a town which is pretty spectacular from a scenic point of view. Hermanus lies on the shores of a wide bay and is ringed by mountains, it has cliffs, coves, long beaches (Blue Flag). It has a moderate (open to debate from time to time!) Meditteranean climate which means one can partake in a number of activities at various times of the year.

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Above all, Hermanus has what every self-respecting holiday resort should possess: a very laid-back style. There was a time when Hermanus was referred to as "God's waiting room" because of the high proportion of folk who moved here to retire, but that's changed. Nowadays you find plenty of younger active business types who want to run their own business but not necessarily at a frantic city pace. There's been a huge property boom for some years now, and that has fed much of the economic growth of the town.

The current population of Hermanus stands at around 49,000. You'll find yuppies, ordinary working folk, baby boomers, the seriously wealthy (noveau riche as well as old money), old folk, young folk, druggie folk, all kinds of folk. Then you have the "Swallows", those who live in Hermanus for 4-5 months of the year usually arriving from October/November on (they must know something we locals also know ). Many of them have more friends in Hermanus than back home. Personally, Alet and I love it when our Swallows are here because it's party-party-party all the time!

There are dozens of restaurants, modern shopping centres and hospitals, a wide range of accommodation. We have an Old Harbour, which in the old fishing days was the heart of the village and is now a museum, a New Harbour at the other end of town from where the whale watching boats depart, we have old buildings and new buildings (like the folk), we have festivals and fairs, we have champagne air so full of ozone it tickles your nose.

We have a world-famous floral nature reserve. We have more artists per capita than most places in the world, we have splendid wines which drive us to distraction and baboons which drive us around the bend when they raid our homes.

There are milkwood trees and wheelchair-friendly pavements, sea gulls who rob you of your fries in the wink of an eye. There are oh, enough already! Come find out for yourself.

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