An Overview of the Recruitment Test

If you are getting ready to see yourself in the roster of a top company in the industry, you will do well to know more about the recruitment tests that you will have to take. The assessment procedure varies from company to company but you can be sure of being put through a written test and one or more rounds of interviews. While the written test will test your writing ability, the interview allows your recruiters to get to know you better and assess your communication skills to an extent. Some companies might also put you through a group discussion to see whether you can think quickly and offer solutions to problems.

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For the written test, keep in mind the profile you have applied to. If it is technical writing, make sure you keep simplicity and visual appeal in mind. If it is content writing, make your article clear and concise. Avoid being verbose and be original. As i have shared earlier, long posts can put people off so do not get carried away while writing and keep word limits in mind. Your recruiters may specify a limit. Split your article into two or more paragraphs so that the reader is not faced with a huge wall of text.

The test may also contain an analytical section where you might have to solve some mathematical problems. Though this part of the test will not be looked at with as much importance as the writing section, you need to take it seriously. Your 10th standard mathematical knowledge should be enough in most cases. This section might also contain some puzzles or tricky questions that will test your intelligence and presence of mind. So think before you answer.

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