Central America's vacation destination Costa Rica

You've heard about the lush rainforests and serene beaches. Now you're aching to visit Central America's most popular vacation destination. Costa Rica is an untouched paradise with rich vegetation and wildlife. It's no surprise the tropical country draws in over a million tourists every year. It's time that you get away. Costa Rica is ready for your arrival. Here are some expectations you should have before your first Costa Rican exploration.

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1. The Weather is Hot and Wet

Make sure you pack your sunscreen. Don't forget your raincoat either. If you're visiting Costa Rica in the summer or fall, you should expect lots of rain and humidity. When the sun comes out, it's scorching hot. The best time to visit is between the months of December and April when the weather is a bit drier and the heat is slightly less intense.

2. Surfing is the Most-Loved Sport

Many Americans and Canadians travel to Costa Rica specifically for the awesome surf. Prepare to stare in awe at the professional surfers who call Costa Rica home. Consider taking some surfing lessons during your stay. It'll be an exhilarating experience you'll never forget.

3. There are Endless Outdoor Adventures

Between zip lining, volcano climbing, bungee jumping, and snorkeling, there are tons of high-energy activities available for tourists. With numerous options for guided excursions on land and sea, you can plan adrenaline rush adventures for every day you're there.

4. Your Money Will Stretch Very Far

Food, drinks, and even hotels are inexpensive in this Latin country. As you plan your trip, you'll be stunned at how reasonably priced Costa Rica hotels are in comparison to what you often pay. When dining at nice restaurants, get ready for your jaw to drop when the bill is delivered. Once your flight is purchased, vacationing there is quite cheap.

5. There's an Abundance of Wildlife

You're going to see tropical birds, monkeys, and giant lizards everywhere. If you spend time in the beautiful rainforests, you'll see even more creatures hanging out in the trees. With that said, expect to encounter a lot of bugs too. Wear mosquito repellent and be careful of any suspicious bugs you see.

6. Spanish is the Universal Language

While there will be regions where English is used by many, you should be aware that Spanish is the universal language in Costa Rica. Prepare by bringing a translation dictionary just in case you have to blurt out some Spanish every now and then.

7. You'll Find Amazing Tropical Produce

With a tropical climate and a wealth of plant life, Costa Rica boasts some of the best tropical fruits you'll ever come across. Mangoes, papayas, and pineapples can be found everywhere but your safest bet is buying them from a local market. There are also tons of wildly unique fruits you should give a try while you're there.

8. The Locals Are Laid Back

Costa Ricans are extremely friendly and very low-key. They live a relaxed lifestyle that doesn't allow for a lot of rushing. Pack your patience when getting ready for a Costa Rican vacation. You'll find that things move at a slower pace than what you may be used to.

Costa Rica is highly regarded for it's hospitable locals and breath-taking scenery. A vacation you'll never regret, it's time that you start planning a visit now.

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