Reputation Repair for Attorneys

Listen up. This is no accident. There is real concern among companies for their business reputation. AT&T controls directly or indirectly more than 70% of the first page listings on Google for the search term AT&T. By becoming the authority for the keywords that they care about, AT&T is able to keep the negative information at the very bottom of the search results.

This same strategy can emulated by a reputation repair expert.

But there is more. You clients are simply not looking for information. They are looking for a relationship with someone who they can trust. There are certainly a lot of negative stereotypes about attorneys.some of them warrantedothers are simply myth. Having said this, the reality remains that attorneys are not necessarily trusted at first glance in our society. And as such, you have to be more involved in ensuring that any myths or misconceptions which some of your potential clients may have are not reinforced by third party content appearing on Google about you or your practice.

So what's the moral of the story? Your reputation will remain vulnerable, and require emergency repair, if you do not actively manage it.

Posted in Cleaning Services Post Date 10/14/2018






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