With so many women too busy to eat right and short on energy, it is easy...

With so many women too busy to eat right and short on energy, it is easy to understand the desire for the quick fix promised by energy drinks and diet pills. Be careful though, as you might find yourself not only with an abundance of energy, but short on patience and high on irritability, as well.

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Used in moderation and in short term, these products probably will not have any adverse affects upon you. Many people have successfully used them for a short period to kick start their new healthy living programs because the products do work.

An appetite suppressant for someone who has developed bad eating habits can be useful. Those daily servings of chips and cheese between breakfast and lunch will not longer be appetizing. Once you break those bad eating habits it is easier to move on with good ones.

Along with poor nutrition and carrying extra weight comes low energy. It is difficult to snap into a great new nutritional program of eating right and daily exercise when your energy is so low and depression is looming. Diet pills and energy supplements can help you snap out of your rut and push you toward a more healthy and active lifestyle. The problem comes when we rely on them for the long haul and do not replace them with a healthy diet and exercise.


As with mostly everything, the negative affects of over consumption of diet pills and energizers will outweigh the benefits. Even the label on the bottle will tell you that. A lot of times we think we "know better" when it comes to health warnings. Almost every weight loss and energy supplement warns of health risks, usually involving the heart. This is not a problem we can "see" until it's too late so we don't acknowledge it's existence. Then there are the side effects of weight loss and energy aids that we don't see even though they are right in front of us.

Prolonged use of diet pills and energy supplements will result in increased anger, irritation, lack of clarity, and inability to cope with the tiniest unexpected things that pop up.

Chances are you won't lose any more weight because you are so stressed out over everything that you will again stop making time for exercise.

The appetite suppressant will wear off, prompting you to gain weight or take more of the product.

Even if the weight loss properties continue to work for you, you will be so grouchy that no one will want to be around you no matter how good you look. This is especially true if you have children because they love you no matter how soft your tummy is. Keep that last statement in mind to help you keep your priorities straight with regards to weight loss and energy supplements.

The products are so easy to come by that anyone can be tempted to resort to them when the weight seems to be packing on and energy is especially low. Advising against the use of weight loss pills and energy products would be naive, but "proceed with caution" is sage advice as most of these products have unpleasant side effects that you might not notice right away.

The only side effect of exercise is looking and feeling good. Which therapy will you choose?

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