Game Preview: Woodberry at Collegiate

-One note I made during the last broadcast at Flint Hill was how well Woodberry had been doing with field position the past few weeks. This week, however, the Tigers play a team that can flip the field right up there with the best of them. On film, basically in all three games, Collegiate dominated in the field position category, often forcing opponents to start drives inside their own 20 yard line. If Collegiate can push Woodberry back into poor field postion consistently, that could set up Wilton Speight with good field position and enough momentum to drive down a shorter field.

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Collegiate Uses the Run the Right Way

-As noted earlier, Collegiate is a pass first offense. However, that does not mean that the Cougars don't run. One of the most impressive parts of the Collegiate offense is that they mix in the run with Charlie Tolleson just when you least expect it. The defense will be huffing and puffing after a slew of passes, and the Collegiate will hit with a zone read or a draw. The best part of this Woodberry defense is the rushing defense. If Collegiate is able to beat them by running the ball, that might mentally crush the defense.

The Defense Shuts Down HT Minor

-Woodberry is not a one trick pony when it comes to running the ball. Etheridge, James Hewell, HT Minor, and even Christian Asher can scamper when called upon. That being said, Minor is the most important runner for Woodberry. He has been the most reliable back, and has improved his play in the second half of every game this year. Minor has rushed for over 100 yards in the last four games, and looks like he won't slow down anytime soon. That is, unless someone makes him slow down. As referenced earlier, the interior of the Collegiate defense is very, very good. Minor is the key to the Woodberry rushing attack, and stopping him could put much more pressure on Etheridge when throwing the ball.

Things Woodberry Can Exploit

-Something I have neglected to mention the past few weeks is the superior special teams play by Woodberry this season. That facet of the game might be Woodberry's strongest part. Collegiate, on the other hand, doesn't have anything spectacular that sticks out for them on special teams. Woodberry has to take advantage and win the battle of special teams. Winning special teams might not win you the game, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

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