Cassette Store Day is finally here...

Cassette Store Day is finally here and ByrdHouse is so pumped to announce the first cassette releases on the label. Prehistoric Forest releases a double single, and The Heavies drop their debut EP.

First release is the debut EP split release with Panther People SCC entitled "High Risk, No Reward" by The Heavies. The boys in this 2 piece go by the names of Skitch + G Byrd. This EP is 14 minutes of pure Rn'R. It's balls to the wall, it's recorded live with all the yelps, screaming, cursing, laughing, feeding back.. It's "all you can handle bro" as Chris Farley would say. It's some of the most catchy garage rock coming thru NJ, and they are home dubbing and coloring only 25 SUPER LIMITED tapes! These will go fast! Click the pic to secure your copy ASAP!

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Second release is our main squeeze Prehistoric Forest - comin' out of the woodworks with a Double Single tape "Into the Night/Time Traveler". The A-side is a much more radio friendly chill and laid back rock song with a random Weezer muff interlude that screams "more cowbell', followed by an incredibly catchy hook and concluded with a rippin' solo. It's a very well put together piece. As for the B-side, it belongs at a dance party. It's PHF's most "not PHF song. Enough said, just get the tape and listen. It'll blow you away! These are limited to an edition of 50, packaged in O-Cards! again click the pic to secure your tape.

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