Compassion In The Workplace

Gift something to someone you don't necessarily like at work. I know what you're probably thinking "What?! You're crazy! No way!"

Trust me, you're taking them, and yourself too seriously if you're not willing to do this. I speak from experience. The gift doesn't even have to be physical. You can give them a compliment, or maybe you can take a little work off their load. It can be anything. It doesn't have to be big. Your doing this will shift the energy between you and that person. You will both be shocked at first because as much as you're not expecting to give them anything, they're not expecting it either. Your willingness to do this will show your desire for true peace and harmony in your life.

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Most of us spend 1/3 of our day in our chosen profession even if you're in a dead end job. Our lives don't start when we leave work. We carry ourselves with us everywhere we go. You can be the light in your work environment. You can be the catalyst for good will, compassion, and real human interaction. Have you ever been at work and suddenly found yourself, or a co-worker engaged in a personal conversation? Do people's voice level drop when they engage in personal talks at work? There is an energy there that we are all aware "doesn't belong in the workplace", but we are still human beings in the workplace.

"This notion of professionalism is like an exorcism. Forced to give your life away while you're earning a living" - Mr. Lif (lyricist)

Don't be a fool, give like it's cool.

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